Tipping Point

Chapter 5


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An immersive, photorealistic adventure game

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You thought you were going to spend a relaxing evening watching TV, until a mysterious message from a complete stranger launches you into an adventure of epic proportions.  A father and son team of inventors were poised to make history when their technology unexpectedly summoned something from out of this world.  Suddenly, you find yourself at the center of the discovery that changes everything. 

Tipping Point is an immersive, photorealistic adventure game that stimulates both sides of your brain.  As you solve a myriad of challenging puzzles, you're rewarded with a satisfying story filled with drama, humor and unexpected plot twists.  Original music, lifelike characters, animals and scenery all come together to create a cinematic experience. 

- An in-game hint system so you'll never get stuck
- Easy single-finger controls
- 55 photorealistic screens
- Almost 400 unique sound effects
- 12 Original music compositions
- 5 Chapters of puzzles and story
- Ability to create up to 5 player profiles
- Ability to save your game progress

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