Tipping Point

Chapter 5


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Chapter 5

The Adventure Continues!

What happens to Tommy's father?  Are you able to stop him in time?

The long awaited final installment of Tipping Point is finally here!  Chapter 5 brings the Tipping Point series to an end with several new plot twists and a satisfying conclusion to the mystery.  Your encounter with Tommy's father takes an unexpected turn after you discover his secret.  He was poised to make history when his technology unexpectedly summoned something from out of this world.  Suddenly, you find yourself at the center of the discovery that changes everything. 

The full version of Tipping Point is now available for iPad!  It contains all chapters (including the new chapter 5) and a revealing epilogue.  The graphics have all been enhanced and look stunning in this new higher resolution.  A helpful hint system is always available, so you'll never get stuck. 

What are you waiting for?  Download the full version of Tipping Point now and continue the adventure!

Purchase the full version of Tipping Point now for iPad.  Includes chapter 5 and epilogue.

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